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Potential Problems that Might Arise

The clutch in a manual car is one of the most important components for a smooth driving experience. Every time you have to shift the gears, you will need to press on the clutch to change gears. more

Important Car Maintenance Reminders

When you lead a busy life, as almost everyone nowadays does, it is easy to let the little things slip your mind. However, there are some things that can't afford to be neglected — like car maintenance and repair. If it has been a while since your car has had any of the following services, it might be time to take your four-wheeled friend to a place that specializes in car repair in Minneapolis. more

Save Thousands in Auto Repairs by Replacing a Worn Clutch

A poorly functioning clutch is the root cause of many transmission problems. Understanding when to invest in clutch repair in Minneapolis can help you prevent far more expensive transmission repairs or replacements down the line. more

Decide If Rebuilt Transmissions in Minneapolis Is Right for You

You can drive without seats and with poor tires, but you cannot drive without a transmission. When complex repairs are needed, mechanics are known to install rebuilt transmissions. Consider this option if you find major problems with this part of the car. more


No More Clutching at Straws with Clutch Repair in Minneapolis

The clutch is a mechanical device with the job of engaging and disengaging power transmission. Clutches are used in a wide variety of mechanical devices that require the transmission of power to be controlled, whether that means controlled over a period of time or controlled in amount. In your car, the clutch controls the transmission of engine power to the wheels of your vehicle. more

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Member of the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association
Member of the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association

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Certified Technicians

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